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Floss Knight

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Discovery is the touchstone for change, success, fulfilment, balance  & happiness.

Life presents us with many obstacles, and challenges, some you may be conscious of and others are obscured. The most powerful catalyst to change is insight through self-realization and discovery.  This can be achieved with the help and support of an extensively trained psychotherapist -coach. It is here transformative journeys are made. 

Using a blend of my 20 years of psychotherapy &coaching, together we will bring into focus past and present patterns that are hindering you in the here and now, in different areas of your life.  On the surface, you may look externally ‘successful’, but still feel desperately lonely, anxious and unhappy.  You may be trapped in relationships and roles with family, friends and partners At work, you may be experiencing bullying.  You may be fearful of commitment, intimacy, abandonment or avoidance. There are many reasons that you feel depressed, stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled. 

By exploring your inner and unconscious world together in a safe, confidential and contained space, by bumping into ghosts and memories of the past you will gain insight into how and why such things happen and the changes you need to make to move on.

Therapy with me

Therapy provides a unique space for you to empty out your emotions, fears, and problems and understand what causes them and gives you the opportunity to reject the roles and behaviours that are unhelpful and that are causing you pain or rejection.  The release from negative self-destructive and defeating patterns is the most precious and worthwhile gift you can give to yourself.  By exploring your unconscious together, in a safe, confidential empathetic space, you gain insight into the barriers to your happiness and fulfilment. This unique and formative experience brings about the growth and internalization of a new pathway with reframed discoveries laying the foundation around which to move forward.

My style of therapy

Ecclectic Therapist & Coach

I have helped guide many clients towards transformation using a fine-tuned balance and blend of psychotherapy and coaching.

My own extensive life experience and years of intense and ongoing training give me the skills and understanding to know how and when to help build your resources, when to challenge or when to hold and contain.

I am trained in all the main schools of psychotherapy, therefore I have a multi-faceted and eclectic perspective to draw upon.

I tailor my approach to meet your individual needs and address the problems involved.

I have extensive experience collaborating with and helping support clients 

and help guide them to reach their goals and by understanding more about themselves and motivations.



Individual Counselling
Young adult pschotherapy Adolescent

Please contact me by Phone or Email in order to arrange an initial meeting.

If you reach my voicemail please leave a message with your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

The assessment takes between 50-70 minutes and the fee is £100. We will meet initially and we feel we can work together and if you decide to go ahead and we can discuss a regular 50-minute time slot. 

My fees are on a sliding scale and start at £100-£175 indexed to income, but I offer a few places to those on low incomes or in difficulty. 


WLT Fulham is located at:

4 Fulham Park Studios,




Please see the page for the Fulham rooms to see details about transport.


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Therapy rooms are available for hire in Chelsea and Fulham by fully trained and qualified therapists for individual, couple or group therapy, as well as for group supervision or small workshops.